22 April 2014 "I felt strangely well", "We felt pampered, and that did us the world of good", is some of the early feedback from participants on Cathy’s course.


30 March 2014 Second “Dancing on Sunday" in Embourg, near Liège. There were at least forty of us in the class. After having had the opportunity to experience a new, more classical course by Maïté, we had a go at our first folk dance led by our particularly cheerful team from Brussels. Once again, the smiles on everyone’s lips showed what we thought of it. It brought it home to us what the project is trying to achieve, and how it works. The groups are forming, the weekly sessions are going to start in April and May in the cities of Liège, Libramont, Neufchâteau, Brussels and Hasselt.


17 January 2014 Interview by Thomas Coucq, a medical journalist in Vivio, who after having written a 3-page article on the "Toubkal 2011" project, rewarded us with an article on "Kinesiphilia".


2 January 2014 Small box on our work on page 2 of the first issue of the year of the Parkinson Magazine... Thanks Marcin!


4 November 2013 Meeting with Sylvie Nozaradan, neurologist, researcher and winner of first prize for piano at the conservatoire! She is interested, among other things, in the synchronisation of the neurones in rhythmical patterns in normal subjects, but also very recently in Parkinson’s Disease and its possible link with movement. Very interesting...


4 November 2013 Presentation of the project to the Brussels Parkinson’s Association on the Saint-Luc campus. The project was received with great interest by patients who are already very active (sport, theatre, singing, etc.) and a dancer!


27 October 2013: Fabulous day of dance all together. There were fifty of us at the meeting. Smiles were on all our lips. The Ball is open... "Last Sunday (October 27), I was in Habay-la-Neuve with Dr Bouquiaux to take part in the first “Dance patient meeting“. There were more than 50 participants for this first session. Three dance teachers, physiotherapistsand nurses are involved in this project. This first step was very successful. I’m convinced that this project could change the image of the disease and could change the approach to all treatment," said Mr B. Honoré from Medtronic.


15 October 2013 PM Meeting with Katrin Solhdju who was involved in the "Toubkal 2011" project and is interested again in "Kinesiphilia/Care to dance?" as part of her links with "dingdingdong". A philosopher and historian of medicine, she suggested following us and writing about the project. What an honour!


15 October 2013 AM Decision to merge "Kinesiphilia" (Olivier) and "Care to dance?" (Maïté) and to create an ASBL [non-profit association] in order to make dance permanently available for people with Parkinson’s.


6 October 2013 Thierry Janssen, the famous ULB surgeon turned therapist, responded to my request for an ambassador for the project: "I very much admire your initiative for patients suffering from disabling neurological pathologies. If you think that a partnership with me could help you to develop this initiative, I give my full consent for my name and image to appear on the home page of your web site." Yes, Thierry, we do think it’ll help, hasn’t dance saved you?


5 October 2013 Meeting with Aline, a psychologist, who I thought specialised in controlling nerves ahead of "a stage performance" and who is in fact a dance therapist (France Schott-Billmann’s school) who is also interested in leading dance classes for "kinesiphilia" in Brussels. Agreed!


26 September 2013 Presentation of the project to the Liège Parkinson’s Association. Particularly warm welcome.


21 September 2013: Preparatory meeting (Bérangère, Cathy, Maïté and Olivier) for 27 October 2013. Soon to be finalised...


16 September 2013: Last correction on the site and consent by Pierre to get "pro" photos taken of the dancers who are going to illustrate our work (can be seen on the "PHOTOS" tab)


12 September 2013 Presentation of the project in the Libramont- Chevigny cultural centre which was very interested and noted its willingness to sign up as a major partner. A dream come true!3 September 2013: Sir David Leventhal wrote: "I would be honoured to be an ambassador for kinesiphilia. Thank you for your kind invitation. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support your efforts." Marvellous, isn’t it!


24 August 2013 Meeting between Bérengère and Eric Bianchin; composer, performer and director of Intermezzi, an acoustic guitar group. He likes the idea of the project and offers his services "live" for the performance. The temperature is rising!


13 August 2013 Working meeting with Maïté who took the wraps off her project "care to dance" as part of Euregio. MAGNIFICENT! On the same occasion, met the journalist Gerrino Mulder (NL) who is interested in our work and would like to link it up to his country. Kinesiphilia international?


20 July 2013 Working meeting with Bérengère and Cathy, who would like to choose the music before creating the choreography. We began to dream of "live" music!


28 June 2013: Training of the dance teachers in Liège by David Leventhal of the Mark Morris Dance Group, Brooklyn, NY, himself!!!


10 June 2013 A former teacher of the ILFAC [a non-profit organisation that offers classical and jazz dance classes] now working in Ghent has expressed his interest in the project which is becoming...national!!!


27 May 2013 Presentation of the project to the Verviers Parkinson’s Association with Maïté. Great success!


24 May 2013 Second meeting with Pierre Quindot to work on the website, which we want to be ultra modern!!


8 May 2013 Presentation of the project to the Huy Parkinson’s Association. Great support from the affiliates, who asked for a demonstration. Maïté, who was introduced, improvised some easy movements to music by Angus and Julia Stone. Totally worked!


23 April 2013: After telephone contact, first appointment with Maïté Guérin, a professional dancer, who worked for 19 years in Béjart’s company in Lausanne, currently attached to a dance company in Maastricht. She is planning to hold a dance workshop for Parkinson’s patients in Liège. She was fresh from DFP (Dance For Parkinson)training with the Mark Morris Dance Group of New York, probably the only school in the world in the domain. She agreed to get involved in the project and be our artistic advisor.


15 April 2013 Presentation of the project to the Athus Parkinson’s Association.


12 April 2013 Presentation of the project to the Libramont Parkinson’s Association, warm welcome. The wife of a patient is a ballroom teacher and has been getting her husband to dance for 20 years!


3 April 2013 Meeting with Bérangère of the ILFAC, who instantly and enthusiastically came on board with Cathy and Jenny (who will have to decline a little later because she will be leaving the country). How the project matured up till April 2013. Upon the return of the Toubkal, in April 2011, there was an overwhelming desire to be part of a similar new project. Rapidly, the idea of producing a musical creation around people suffering from Parkinson’s disease took hold. Performing a ballet became the main idea straight away.