We are, naturally, constantly on the lookout for funding for this project, and donations
are welcome.

They can be made directly into an account especially create for that:

ASBL " Fit Your Mind ": IBAN: BE62 1030 4013 7961 and BIC: NICABEBB with the reference: donation for kinesiphilia.

We also encourage all forms of sponsorship (same procedure). We think that this has a particularly important psychological impact on the dancer (if you do not want to appear on the list of “Mentors”, don’t forget to say so). Partners support the project but do not finance it directly, patrons finance the project generously and without a direct return, associates finance and participate actively in designing the project, mentors finance the project taking a personal interest and often speak to a dancer whom they particularly wish to encourage.


  • Christian Mutual (www.mc.be)
  • Free Mutual of Luxembourg (www.mutualite-du-luxembourg.be)
  • The Ardennes Hospital (www.cha.be)
  • Vivalia - Intermunicipal health care of the province of Luxembourg
  • Libramont-Chevigny Cultural Centre (www.cclibramont.be)


  • Medtronic (www.medtronic.be)
  • Lundbeck (www.lundbeck.be)
  • Lions Club (www.lions.be)
  • Axa (www.axa.be)


  • Abbvie (www.abbvie.be)


  • Odette Simon
  • François Wang
  • Ms and Mr Durieux-Gaspard